Our Courses

  • 1.       KIDS Course:

Three Months Course
English Conversations is taught to the children between the age group of 5 to12 Years

·         Primary English- (Grade 4 -5)
·         Secondary English –(Grade 6 -8)
·         Intermediate English –(Grade 9-10)
·         Higher English –(Grade 11-12)

  • 2.       General English Courses ( No Age limit)

                                I.            Beginning Level
                              II.            Elementary Level (A1)
                            III.            Upper Elementary Level (A2)
                            IV.            Lower Intermediate Level
                              V.            Intermediate Level
                            VI.            Upper Intermediate Level
                          VII.            Advance Level
                        VIII.            Proficiency Level
                            IX.            Basic English Real World
                              X.            Advance English Real World

  1. Spoken English
  2. Communication Skills in English
  3. Business English
  4. Advanced Technical English
  5.  Professional  English
  6. Certificate course in English Language
  7. Diploma in English
  8. The English and Foreign Language