Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management
Aims and Key Topics
  • Exploration of the importance of Human Resources Management as a key party in strategic organizational planning.
  • Emphasis on the importance of organizational and administrative personnel structures and how to plan for workforce needs.
  • How to prepare job description cards and link them to the organizational structures.
  • Innovative methods in employee performance assessment.
  • The importance of performance evaluation and its impact on increasing employee effectiveness, optimization of productivity, and relation to overall organizational performance.

Target Group
  • Staff and managers of HR departments from private companies, public organizations, educational institutions, and various industrial, governmental and service entities who want to develop their knowledge and update their skills in the field of human resources management.
  • Graduates of administrative colleges who wish to advance career prospects in the human resources sector.

Program overview
  1. The contemporary concept of Human resources
  2. Planning for human resource needs, developing job descriptions, and building organizational structures:
    • Administrative management and its relationship to the organizational management process.
    • Design of organizational structures (strengths and weaknesses).
    • The use of responsibilities and tasks in the preparation of job description cards linked to organizational structures.
    • Determination of functional requirements.
    • Lines of communication in organizational structures.
    • The criteria governing the evaluation of the effectiveness of structures and characterization.
    • Potential problems resulting from reorganization and strategies for minimizing negative externalities.
  3. Skills for job interviews.
  4. Methods for evaluating the performance of employees and motivating them:
    • The concept of performance appraisal and objectives of evaluating individual performance.
    • Potential problems in evaluation systems and elements of an effective system.
    • Modern methods of employee performance evaluation.
    • Performance appraisal forms.
    • How to design organizational division models.
    • Conducting interviews and assessing applicant suitability.
    • Behavioral assessment of subordinates
  5. Personnel training and its relationship to career paths and organizational advancement.

Program duration
5 weeks. Approximately 10 study hours per week for a total of about 50 study hours.
Assessment methods
In order to complete the course successfully you will be required to submit one short essay (c.1000 words) and achieve an overall passing grade.


To be awarded the certificate, you must complete all written contributions satisfactorily. Successful students will receive the Diploma, awarded by the Board of Studies of AIES Department for Higher education. In addition, all students that successfully complete the program will receive transcripts detailing coursework.