Vision, Mission and Brand

Vision, Mission and Brand

 To make GETS Campus an International and national integrated institute known for its contribution to education, leadership, excellence and placements, shaping a competent human resource for prosperity and well-being of profession and society.
 To serve society through excellence and leadership in education and students from our accredited and approved courses can be confident that they hold an internationally recognized award which will open doors for their career.

Brand Vision

Our brand vision, "Making Dreams Real", shows that we share our students' aspirations as our very own and we care to help make our students' dreams real.
Brand Mission
We strive to create a truly inspiring journey of learning, discovery and realization for our students to help turn their dreams into reality. This pursuit is abbreviated in NICE – every step taken with our students is a moment for us to:
Care for and

Empower them in helping to make their dreams real.

Environment Management
GETS Campus  has adopted an Environment Management System that has been implemented as of January 2010. It standardizes all environment processes, procedures, programmes and establishes focused goals for Environmental Management throughout the school. Such environmental programmes provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning and for well-being of the staff and students in order to provide a clean, green, safe, secure and healthy work environment for all.
An Environment Management Policy is formulated and identified with the following environmental goals:
·         Regularly communicating our environmental awareness to our employees and other significant stakeholders.
·         Providing training for our staff so that GETS Campus works in accordance with this policy and within an environmentally aware culture.
·         Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice.
·         Seeking to keep wastage to a minimum and maximize the efficient use of resources.

The implemented Environment Management System comprises the following processes:
·         Clean & Green Environment Process
·         Safe and Secure Environment Process
·         Healthy Work Environment Process

The Clean & Green Environment Process covers the following areas:
·         General Cleaning
·         Recycling
·         Water Conservation
·         Energy Conservation
The Safe and Secure Environment Process covers the following areas:
·         Security
·         GETS Campus  Health and Safety Committee
·         GETS Campus Health and Safety Manual
The Healthy Work Environment Process covers the following areas:
·         First Aid Facilities
·         Workplace Health Program
·         No Smoking Policy
·         Workplace Health and Safety Act (WSH)
GETS Campus  has been regularly reviewing its environment system in order to support its policy.